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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Making money from Bitcoin

Hi everyone People have to understand that in the day and age we live in Cryptocurrency and Online purchasing is an everyday thing for most of us. When it comes to Bitcoin transactions every transaction is recorded on a public ledger which is called the Blockchain. The Blockchain is also the first wallet available for you to store your coins although now there is numerous wallet available such as Xapo, Crpyptopay and coinbase a prepaid credit card which enables you to spend your Bitcoin is available from some wallets. New to the Crypto world? please talk to someone who knows before using any wallet try do as much research as possible as recently there is a lot of shady looking programs around offering ridiculous returns e.t.c.

If you are looking to get started with Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies in general you will need a wallet you can get your wallet here I use Cryptopay which I think is the best wallet.  I have never had any problems at all with Cryptopay it works and it so simple to use. Cryptopay runs from your browser and i.p address so anytime a log in attempt is made you will be notified instantly you can also have 2 step  authentication you will need Google authenticator to log in the security on your account is brilliant although I would not recommend leaving too many coins in 1 place. You can share Cryptopay with your friends, family and business contacts you will earn 10% of any transactions made from your referrals .

Infinity traffic boost is and advertising platform that allows you to advertise your current businesses you can buy advertising packages which are called TPO they range from 1-11 and vary in amounts of credits you receive these credits can be used to advertise things such as your Cryptopay account.

If you like to start using your sites with Script mining then this is a fantastic way to do it simply sign up and then follow the instructions on what needs to be done. I have several ways on which you can add script onto your sites I even know how you can add it onto your Facebook page which means any viewers you have you can earn from. If you would like to start script mining then join here if you decide you would like to do this then message me and I will give you more details on what you need to do.